Review: Nike React Infinity Run

Launched at the beginning of 2020, the React Infinity Run has been designed as a shoe for moderate runs. Sounds odd at first, considering most people either want something for the long days or footwear that makes them faster. In a sense, this does intend to make you a better runner, in that by reducing the likelihood of injury you’ll be able to string together more weeks of quality work. So think of this as the shoe you’ll wear on your recovery runs, or the days between the sessions.

The React Infinity has been thoroughly tested, not only in development by the team at Nike, but outside sources too. After a 12-week external study of 226 runners conducted by the British Columbia Sports Medicine Research Foundation (BCSMRF), the subjects that wore the React Infinity Run had a 52 percent lower injury rate than the control shoe, the Nike Structure 22. Injuries were defined as participants missing three or more consecutive runs due to running-related pain.

Straight out of the box they’re impressive. They look like a stylish shoe, and to be honest, you could easily think they were fast kicks too. The chunky sole is made from Nike’s React Foam, with a triple-layered knit upper. Often the knit uppers can feel a bit loose or like an over-engineered sock. However in this case the fit is firm and snug, without locking you in. This means there’s a small amount of movement that while isn’t the most efficient energy transfer, does make for greater comfort.

The toe box is spacious, so your feet can spread a little. It’s one of those comfort elements which is more beneficial the longer the run. The curved bottom has a similar rocker shape to the Vaporfly, which helps you smoothly roll through your stride. It’s designed to improve efficiency while also reducing impact, and it does make a noticeable difference. Within a few hundred meters I felt I was at home in a shoe that would suit 70% of my training. Now, having racked up plenty of miles in them, I can say with confidence that this is a fantastic, high mileage shoe that sits perfectly alongside a more aggressive option for sessions.

RRP: $230