Tailored Coaching Packages

The Long Run offers professional services from qualified and experience coaches, allied health professionals and mentors who work with you to curate a running program tailored towards your specific goals. At only $30/week with no sign up fee or minimum term, we offer world class coaching, without the price tag.

From 5km to Ultramarathons!

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced campaigner, we can take you to the next level.

Injury Management Programs

Work with our Exercise Physiologist and receive rebates while we get you back on your feet!

Ultra-Trail Australia Specific

We’re experts on UTA and can create a bespoke program to get you to the finish line.

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We develop your physical & mental strength, along the way eliminating personal doubt and increasing confidence in the face of new challenges.

Maximising your success is our major focus, but we strongly believe that you have to enjoy the journey. It’s a collaborative approach to achieving goals.

Using consistent, open communication and targeted questions we identify:

  • Personal goals
  • Areas of opportunity and growth
  • Strength & Conditioning options
  • Areas to increases physical fitness and mental strength
  • How to better deal with the variables encountered in endurance sports
  • How to better enjoy your training and maximise your return on training input

We will then develop and discuss an initial personalised program, which will form the starting foundation towards you achieving your goals. Going forward we will communicate through a shared workspace. This workspace allows you, as an athlete to ask questions; view and comment on daily training sessions; view long term goals and the sequence of training phases that lead to the goals.

We update an athletes personalised training program weekly (or more frequently if required), based upon upcoming commitments and feedback from previous training sessions.

To learn more, complete the form above or email Dave Byrne: dbyrne@therustycage.com.au