REVIEW: Runly Vest

If you’re anything like me, it’s very rare you can get out for a run without needing a set of keys or your phone at a minimum, and on long run days you can add a gel or two to the list. Having these things in your hands isn’t always ideal in terms of comfort or optimal running mechanics. I always find myself constantly swapping from the left to right hand and thanks to sweaty fingers I’ve dropped my mobile on a couple of occasions too. There are a few alternatives in the marketplace, such as arm bands, packs and waistbelts. Each has its pros and cons, with everyone having different ideas regarding what’s the most comfortable or practical. To be honest, each has its purpose depending on what you’re doing and how much space you need.

When the Runly Vest arrived I was immediately impressed with the build quality. This thing has been made to withstand the rigors of the high mileage runner. It’s one size fits all and unisex, but the adjustable bands allow you to modify it to suit your frame. Made from breathable neoprene material, it’s both water resistant and rugged, yet comfortable with soft edges that when worn with a T-shirt doesn’t rub on your neck to the point of irritation. The main chest pocket can fit any phone as well as some keys and gels, plus there’s a couple of small pockets above it, one zippered and the other mesh. I used the mesh one to squeeze gel wrappers in, with a single key safely zipped away in the other. Another detail is the bright colouration, which adds to safety.

The main thing I liked about the Runly Vest is that it feels really comfortable. The fit is snug and there’s no bouncing when you’re on the go. It allowed me to move freely and hold my hands and arms naturally, without the constant swapping of my mobile. It also meant I stayed in the moment. This might sound strange, but when you think about the runs you do with your phone in-hand, if you’re like me you often glance at the screen to check incoming messages, look at the time, or when you’re at the traffic lights you even read emails. But having my phone safely zipped away, I was more focussed on the world around me and enjoying the outdoors, rather than constantly looking at a screen. I do enough of that at home!

With a 1 year warranty and coming from an Australian owned company, you can order one here: