Meet the Coaches

img_4744Majell Backhausen

My name is Majell (pronounced My-Al).

I want to know your passions & goals. Then we approach the tough questions which are hard to answer but thought provoking. 

I try to save the world by smiling, eating vegetarian, cycling around town, practicing patience, not using plastic bags or single use water bottles (think Memobottle). But I undo my good intentions by exploring the world, churning through running shoes, kit and head torch batteries.

I have developed and learned a lot from formal classroom education, great people, and comical mistakes. I hold a holistic passion and energy for meeting and teaching great people and sharing the experience.

Take it easy and walk on your own trail!

LM_160206_Tara_RaceDay_0100_MEDres (logo)Dave Byrne

Running has been a major part of my life since I was in my early teens. From being a little athlete to representing Australia at World Junior Championships and World Cross Country, I’ve been a passionate distance runner for over 20 years.

Highlights through this period range from winning the Australian junior title over 1,500m in 2000 and placing 2nd in the open national 1,500m in 2003, to coming third in the Zatopek 10,000m in 2005 and most recently winning the 6ft Track Marathon and placing 2nd at the Tarawera Ultra Marathon. While my background is in track racing, I have a newfound love of the trails that has seen me return to training after giving the sport away in 2006. Now, the focus is on the long stuff and sharing my love of running with others.


eastwood_free_weights_low_res-2e16d0ba-fill-635x425Peter Feain – Strength and Conditioning

Peter played Australian rules football for 20 years including 1st grade for Balmain Tigers. He also travelled around the state competing in squash tournaments as a junior on top of playing Mens A grade. He now focuses on endurance events having completed three Forster Ironman triathlon events and numerous other triathlon, cycling, swimming and running events including the Sydney and Canberra marathons. Peter also works as a running coach and podiatrist, but spends most of his time as a personal trainer, Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning coach at Sydney University.

*We also work alongside other specialist coaches and squads to ensure that if we can’t meet your needs we can point you in the right direction.