From a wheelchair to the Himalayas, on a journey to become the first paraplegic to walk using braces to Everest Base Camp. Jay Stevens will be defying the odds on an inspirational adventure that he was told would be impossible!

After being the victim of a helicopter crash in 2018, Jay suffered serious injuries, including a devastating spinal cord injury. Shortly after arriving in hospital he was given the news that he would never walk again and be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, being the fighter he is, after 3.5 years of relentless rehab and training, with the aid of a walking frame he took his first steps again. Now, 5 years since the accident he will be attempting to become the first paraplegic in a wheelchair to walk to Everest Base Camp with his leg braces and walking sticks.

To have the absolute freedom and gift of walking taken away by paralysis for so many years, I know first hand how much other individuals living with spinal cord injuries would absolutely dream to be in my position. I don’t take this very fortunate position I’m in lightly and have a deep pull to really prove you can defy odds and conquer your own personal mountains.”