Wings for Life!

Lemawork Ketama (ETH) - Winner ManThe Wings for Life World Run is a unique concept that came to life in 2014. Essentially, people all around the world race at exactly the same time. The challenge is to hold off a pace car that gradually gets quicker and quicker until everyone is caught. It’s a logistical nightmare to ensure everything is done accurately, across events spanning the globe. For some the race is conducted in darkness, while at the other side of the earth there are runners hitting the road in morning light. Pretty cool hey!

For Australians, the inaugural Wings for Life Run was held in Perth, with the overall victor being David Kennedy who racked up just shy of 44km. The global winner was Ketema Lemawork of Ethiopia who did an amazing 78.58km competing in the Austrian event. In 2015 the race Down Under will be held in Melbourne on May 3rd. Kick off is at 9pm, so you’ll be running in the dark along with thousands of others. It should be loads of fun and best of all, every cent raised goes to Wings for Life, a charity that aims to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

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