VFuel Endurance Drink

There are plenty of options out there when it comes rehydration drinks. The key is finding something that tastes good, sits well in your stomach and contains the necessary goodies you need. In this case, we gave VFuel a crack, as it’s not long been available here in Australia. Having already been fans of their gels, we had a good idea that the Endurance Drink would be of a similar high standard.

We won’t go into the technical details too much, as the nerdy side of this stuff is beyond our realms….We simply look at calories, taste and how the guts handle it. So, each 51g sachet contains 200 calories all in the form of simple sugars, with 235mg of Sodium, 85mg of Potassium and 10mg of Magnesium. Mixed with about 750ml of water it dissolves rapidly to make a perfect bottle-size quantity.

VFuel-Drink-Sampler-4pack-ProductThe mix of electrolytes and energy is well balanced and we found that consumption was easy. The flavours are great, with Ginger Twist and Black Cherry Cola being favourites. What we really liked was having a few different options so that you never get bored of the one taste. This is ideal for long races where you’re constantly refuelling. The sachets too are very quick and easy to use so you can be in and out of check points with a fresh batch of fluids in a flash. What’s more, there was no residual taste or sickly sweetness left in your mouth afterwards.

If you’re searching for a hydration option that combines electrolytes with energy, then give VFuel a go. It’s one of the better products out there and relies on quality and word of mouth rather than fancy marketing to get folks to buy it.