Ultra Trail Running is a Whole Bunch of WBS

A WBS is a tool which can help guide an athlete towards achieving their goals.

Developing a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is a process commonly used at the beginning of a project. It can help make sense of a BIG, seemingly unachievable finished product or outcome goal.

It identifies the ‘smaller’ tasks which need to be completed, in order to move closer towards achieving the main objective.

Bring this to the world of running and it can be incredibly helpful and eye-opening.

Setting the goal of running a 100 mile race, can be easily dissected into manageable missions.

Our Outcome Goal is Finish the Great Southern Endurance Run (GSER). We then break down the work required in a step by step structure.

It is an ever evolving template which should be edited leading up to completion of the Outcome Goal. New tasks can be added as they are identified and completed tasks, ticked off.

A WBS can be done as a simple list or a diagram. Below is an example which can help get you started. It has been broken down to four levels. Each task is finished when you have an answer to What, When, Why, Who and How.



Capturing too much information is better than leaving out something that you need to address before the event.

Every task you tick off or find an answer for is progress towards achieving your Outcome Goal.

Keep Healthy, Injury Free and Train Like You Want It.

Tally Ho!!

The Long Run – Majell Backhausen