The Heads Up on Fractel Headwear

As someone who wears a hat on most runs, I’m always on the lookout for headwear that’s comfy, functional and in an ideal world, looks good too – The Fractel hats fit the bill perfectly. They were created with the adventurous, outdoor athlete in mind, but also those that want something to wear both on the trails and at the pub afterwards. The four-panel design looks great and utilises breathable material, so your head doesn’t cook. The sweat is mopped up by the headband and then wicks away nicely, and the wide brim provides ample sun protection. The hats are easily squashed into a pocket of your a running pack and then it’s quick to get the brim back into shape when you pull the cap back out again. This makes it ideal for travelling or those long runs that start or finish in the dark. They’re relatively lightweight, very durable and above all else, super comfortable on the run.

There’s a wide range of colours to suit whatever your style. If you’re like me, you’ll want one for every day of the week!