The Best Dogs for Runners!

Training partners make life on the run a little more enjoyable. It’s nice to have someone to share the trails with and talk to along the way. But sometimes the best running buddies come in the four-legged variety. Here’s our pick of the dog breeds that make the best choice for those that love to spend their free time legging it!


They’re big, graceful and can run all day. Keep the water up to them as they can overheat in Aussie conditions.


Fast when you need it, but also endurance machines. Vizslas are a synch to train and keep under control on a leash.

Cattle Dog (Blue or red heeler)

The little Aussie battler thrives on attention and exercise. They can run all day and are about the smartest dog you’ll come across.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The ultimate running buddy! They’re mix speed with endurance and are good on and off road.

German Shepherd

Intelligent, obedient and protective of their owners. Shepherds are also easy to train.


Despite their ability to get a tad heavy if over fed and under exercised, labs can go all day and love the attention.

Jack Russell

Don’t underestimate these pocket rockets. They have endurance to match most runners and are small enough for city living.


Bred for dragging sleds, these guys are tough, long distance machines….but only if you live in a cool climate.

Border Collie

Super smart, loyal and agile – perfect for trail runners.


Made for endurance, these guys may not be bush-bashers, but they’re ideal in urban environments and parks.


These guys are not so much for when you’re training, more for keeping you company on the couch afterwards!