The Bay Run Sydney

Iron-Cove-Bay-Run-e1381710342192One of the most popular running routes in the city, or at least on its fringes, is the Iron Cove Bridge circuit. This is a mostly flat 7km loop around a relatively scenic course in Sydney’s inner west. It takes in Canada Bay and Iron Cove, with almost the entirety of the run being along the waters edge.

The loop takes you past mangroves and parks as it circumnavigates a nice part of the harbour that’s very popular with runners and walkers. Of a weekend it’s packed, so it’s best to get out early. Weeknights aren’t too bad, however the occasional dog walker or pram pusher can be an obstacle. For some reason they frequently think they’re the only people allowed to use paths. That said, if you stick to the left and don’t stray onto the bike lanes you’ll be fine.

There are kilometre markers along the way, so the few of you that don’t wear a GPS can still get an idea of pace. There’s also a few places on the loop where you can grab a drink or use the facilities. The only hill is on the rise up to Iron Cove Bridge.

Popular spots to start and finish are King George Park, Leichhardt Park or Callan Park. There’s plenty of parking around the course but starting at King George Park means you have a nice spot to stretch afterwards or do strides, plus there’s a toilet block there.

Distance: 7km
Total Elevation: Negligible
Approximate Time: 22mins+