T8 Sherpa Shorts V2

Shorts aren’t just shorts, at least in the trail running world. Track and road athletes like the minimalist approach – the least amount of weight and resistance possible. But when it comes to trail and ultra running, often you need a little bit more. Not just in terms of build quality and durability, but storage too. A small key holder on the inside of the waistband or a tiny zipper pocket at the back isn’t enough. You’ve got more than a gel and house key to carry when you’re out for a few hours or headed from the warmth of the valley and into the cold of a mountain summit.

This is where the T8 Sherpa shorts come in. They’ve been designed to provide you with enough carry space to see you through several hours on the trails, acting as an alternative to needing a waist belt or small pack. Around the thick waistband are four pockets, constructed with stretchy mesh that can hold up to 2L or 1kg without too much bouncing around. I was able to comfortably fit a soft flask with 300mL of water (You can buy specific flasks in their website), my mobile, a couple gels and keys. I could probably have squeezed a lightweight jacket or gloves and a buff in too. It’s worth mentioning that the pockets aren’t zippered, which is not a big deal as I like to tie my key in with the drawstring anyway. Regarding the drawstrings, they can be configured to be on the outside or inside of the shorts, which is a great little detail.

The cut is tailored and smaller in size to most brands. The sizing is based on an Asian fit, so it might be wise to go up one size if you’re use to wearing brands like Nike or The North Face. Another thing to bear in mind is that they don’t have an inner, which I personally love. You can couple the Sherpa shorts with the T8 Commando underwear, which you can read about here.

Overall, the T8 Sherpa shorts come highly recommended. The price point is on par with most other quality shorts on the market and the ability to hold ample supplies for long runs will save you some money on needing a waist belt. If you do get yourself a pair, be sure you fit them properly. Basically, you pull them up nice and high, around your belly button, before tightening the drawstring. Then pull them down to your waist. This will mean their suitably tight for when you fill the pockets.

Available here: https://t8.run/products/w-sherpa-shorts