T8 Commando Underwear & Running Mask Reviews

Commando Underwear

As someone who suffers from chaffing and finds the inner undies/tights of running shorts to be annoying, I’m always on the search for a solution to the problem. Enter the Commando. At less than 40g in weight, they’re the barely there, silky soft undies any runner can appreciate. Apart from being very breathable and incredibly comfy, the design means no chaffing and no need for an inner on your running shorts. The performance waistband keeps the underwear in place, and the tapered leg with elastic hems provides a snug fit, so there’s no need to keep adjusting while on the run.

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*The Commando’s are paired perfectly with the T8 Sherpa Shorts.

MAX 02 Running Mask

With an increase in need for face masks while training, or at a minimum, when you’re in the pre and post areas of an event, it was inevitable someone would design a mask specific to runners. While not a medical grade product, the MAX O2 offers a highly breathable, comfortable and sweat wicking mask that you can use when running in the city or in areas like the start line of a race. They’re reusable (Up to 20 washes), inexpensive and very comfortable when compared to other products. The design utilises a brace that keeps the fabric off your mouth, so apart from making breathing easier, it also means you can talk without your voice being muffled.

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*Image supplied by T8