Swiftwick Aspire Socks

Runners put loads of attention into their shoe choice, which is justifiable as footwear plays a huge role on performance and injury minimisation. But when it comes to the next layer down, most opt for style over substance. Good sock game is important, however there are socks, and then there’s Swiftwick!

aspire-twelve-hi-vis-yellow-12890larThe website touts them as being “The best socks you will ever wear”. It’s a big statement and to be honest, is pretty darn accurate. We tested the Aspire range in various lengths and without a doubt, they sure as hell felt amazing on the feet. Plus of course, they look unreal too.

Swiftwick socks are designed for performance so combine minimal weight with compression, arch support, odour reducing material as well as intuitive design that prevents bunching in the toe box and reduces the likelihood of getting blisters. These various features are increasingly important the longer you run. So for ultra athletes, it’s well worth spending the little bit extra to get something that may well improve your performance, or at the least make it a lot more enjoyable! After all, no one likes blisters and when you’re on your feet for several hours you want to be comfy.

aspire-four-cool-mint-compression-12889larThe moisture wicking material works really well to reduce sweat building up and having compression means that you get better circulation and reduced swelling. While this might not be immediately noticeable when you wear them for your daily training, there’s plenty of science to prove that compression works. We wore the 12 inch length Aspire socks on a couple of flights just to see how the compression stood up, and even though they aren’t the medical grade compression offered by the Recovery Plus range, they still made a huge impact to the foot and calf swelling that generally occurs with air travel.

Overall we are huge fans of these socks. They perform well, feel great and with lots of lengths and colours to choose from you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Visit https://swiftsports.com.au/ for more info or to buy them online