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To become a better runner the first thing we do is train. We run, lift weights, cycle, swim and partake in all sorts of other physically demanding pursuits. The second thing most of us do a bit of recovery work. Stretching, occasional massage and sleep are the bread and butter. Next up is the nutrition. The goal is to eat healthy, adding in some extra iron and protein to help rebuild and recover. But there’s one thing which most of us don’t do, which can have a significant impact on running performance and our ability to rebuild after training, and that’s the use of supplements. The perception for a lot of people is that a healthy, balanced diet is enough. Yep, spot on. The reality though, is that there’s probably going to be holes in your nutrient intake. That’s where supplements come in.

Olympic distance runner and Run Crew coach Ben St Lawrence, sums it up perfectly “I’m a firm believer in good nutrition and a balanced diet, and feel that we can get most of what we need from that – however when we’re working extra hard we can benefit from supplementing that nutrition, provided we know exactly what is in the products we’re taking.”

One of the newest players in this category is Pillar Performance. It’s a new micronutrient brand created by NSW Waratah, Damien Fitzpatrick, aimed at helping with joint longevity, improved immunity, bone strength and recovery. “There’s a huge focus across the board on macronutrients when it comes to physical performance and we felt that micronutrients had been undervalued for too long,” Fitzpatrick said. “Elite programs have been monitoring and managing the micronutrient intake of our leading athletes for decades. PILLAR champions this ideal and brings that expertise, that elite way of thinking to the market – providing access to a suite of clinical sports micronutrition products designed to cover every need an elite athlete may have during pre-season or competition.”

The products in their range that most excite us are those relating to recovery and immunity. These are key areas where runners can greatly benefit from supplementation, and the offerings from Pillar hit the mark perfectly in terms of being research driven, easy to consume and well-priced.

Another fan of the range is coach and elite trail runner Matty Abel, “As my training increases, so does the demand for micronutrients to support my body and immune system. As we train longer and harder our immune system takes a beating. So supporting my immune system is key. I use Vitamin C + Zinc Immune, which delivers what I need in a single, daily tablet.”

For Ben, the triple magnesium is the go-to. “As things are warming up again, the Pillar Triple Magnesium is a fantastic way to ensure we’re adequately rehydrating and giving our body what it needs to recover and perform again the next day”

Magnesium is also known to help with improving sleep, supporting muscle health and reducing cramps. So if there was one thing you added to you daily routine, it’s well worth considering this.

Another product in the Pillar range that we’ve tried is the Ultra B Active. It’s a once a day tablet containing activated forms of vitamin B2, B6 and mecobalamin (B12). These B group vitamins help promote energy levels and relieve fatigue. So when coupled with zinc and magnesium, you have a relatively complete approach to supplementing your diet for better recovery and immunity.

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