Soleus Ultra Sole

SR010-052-web2Aptly so, engraved on the back are the words ‘Sedentary Sucks’ – this watch has been made with the endurance athlete in mind! If you’re an ultra marathoner or someone that likes to do REALLY long hours of training, then this is the watch for you. We tested it for ten weeks under the most extreme conditions, from running in the mountains of Nepal to jogging in the desert of Outback Australia….and it never skipped a beat.

The soft rubber of the band makes it very comfortable and the large face means you can easily read the display while running down the trails. The countdown timer with the ability to pre-program varying intervals lets you set your reps and recoveries and then head off on your session and never have to look down at your wrist. Functionally it is very easy to use and with the usual additions of multiple alarms, data storage and the capacity to have two times set, this a great general watch for those that lead an active life.

The build quality is great and the low price tag even better!

Features include a 100 hour chronograph, 15 second EL Backlight for when you’re training in low-light conditions, and there’s even a hydration alarm that lets you know when to fill up on fluids.


Available in a variety of colours to suit any taste…even the most stylish of you!