Skins Women’s DNAmic Long Tights

39696101-zoomSkins were one of the first in the marketplace with compression garments and since then have constantly been reinventing their products. The most recent release is the DNAmic range. They’re touted as being more responsive to your movement and shape, creating a better fit and therefore improvements in the effect they have on your recovery and performance. Apart from this, they’ve also had an aesthetic overhaul, making them look more like gym or active wear with style at the fore, rather than a functional item…if you know what I mean!

87116_skins_dnamic_women_long_tights_-_junkyard_ge_4In terms of comfort, they’re great. The seams don’t chafe, the fit is very tight and throughout a run they don’t move and loosen in areas like the calves, which is a problem I have with normal tights (Largely due to my skinny lower legs). The waistband is thin, which is fine for me as I’m slight, but it could easily be an issue for heavier folks. Also, I definitely noticed the compression, however it probably wasn’t as firm as the medical grade quality of something like Compressport. That said, if you’re new to these types of garments, it might be best to start with something like this before getting into the pro stuff. I actually liked wearing them underneath my work pants and noticed less fatigue at the end of the day.

The appearance of the black/limoncello pair I had was nice. They looked sporty but not too hard-core. The other patterns in the range are really bright and colourful, which is in keeping with the trend of active wear at the moment. I’m not a girly type so prefer the simplicity of the dark ones I tried.

Overall, the DNAmic tights are a good option for gym-goers or runners that are after something that sits between a standard tight and something with serious compression. They’re comfy enough to wear all day, but probably not tight enough to give genuine ‘compressive’ performance of a standard you get from Compressport.

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