Session #8 Tempo Ramp

This is ideal for those looking at improving their anaerobic power and endurance, while also working on running fast when in a state of fatigue. It’s great for 10km+ athletes or shorter distance runners in their build phase.

Session: 3km, 2km, 1km Continuous running. 5 mins between surges

Total Duration: Approx 7-8.2km including recoveries

The 3km effort should be run at 10km race pace, the 2km effort under 10km pace and the 1km effort at 5km race pace. Recovery speed is based on your level of  fitness and race distance. The shorter your race distance the slower the recovery. Marathon runners should aim to maintain a ‘float’ recovery while 5km athletes will be at a slow jog. Finish with a recovery.

TrailRunning-WenatcheeFoothillsPACE GUIDE:

Elite: 8.2km+
Serious: 7.6km+
Club: 7km+

Elite: 7.6km+
Serious: 7.2km+
Club: 6.9km+