Session #5 Kilometer Reps

track-running-track-photography-600x375Kilometer reps are a stock-standard session. How many of them you do will vary according to your race distance. If you’re a 5,000m runner then 4 to 6 is recommended. For 10km to marathon or more, you can look at 8 to 10 repetitions.

Session: 4 – 10 x 1km with 1 to 2min recovery

Total Duration: 4 – 10km

A good way to do kilometre repetitions is to have 60sec recoveries in your build phases where you are looking to improve general conditioning. Then when you’re closer to racing up the rests to 2minutes so the longer recovery will allow you to increase the intensity a little.

The pace should be between your 5km and 10km race pace.

PACE GUIDE: 6-8 reps

Elite: Sub 2:50min
Serious: Sub 3:10min
Club: Sub 3:40

Elite: Sub 3:15
Serious: Sub 3:40
Club: Sub 4:10mins