Session #4 Hill Reps

Always popular and great for developing hill specific running technique or anaerobic power, this session can be done year round by simply adding or reducing the number of reps or by increasing the pace of recoveries.

Session: 6-8 x long hill alternating with a short hill

Total Duration: Approx 30mins including recovery.

Running Legs 460x345Find a hill that is approximately 500m long and of gradual incline (approx. 4-5%). You should be able to run the hill at approximately 10km race pace. After each long hill jog half way back down (or find a second perpendicular hill that’s ideally around 100m long) and do a shorter rep of approx. 100m. Then jog back to the start of the long hill and repeat the circuit 6 to 8 times.

Focus on good technique for the longer hill and work on more explosive speed on the shorter one.