Reviews: Tesalate Workout Towels & Caterpy No-Tie Laces

Tesalate Workout Towels

A towel is a towel, right? Well that use to be the case. But just like you have different ones for the beach and bath, so too can you for training, with key design differences that makes them more suited to the purpose. The are several reasons we like the Tesalate workout towels. They’re slightly smaller than normal towels (100cm x 45cm) so fit easily into a backpack, plus they’re narrow and sit neatly on a yoga mat or bench. They’re also ultra-absorbent and rapid drying. The former makes it easy to quickly wipe away the sweat during a bike session, and the latter means that during your workout it’s constantly wicking away the moisture, staying dryer longer and then after the session is done it’s fast to dry so you’re not putting a soaking towel in your bag.

The double-sided designs look great, with styles to suit whatever your taste, and there’s a handy hook. But perhaps the most important aspects of these towels are they’re odour-free and have antibacterial properties. Essentially, a sweaty towel is the ultimate breeding ground for fungi. It’s this stuff that makes your gym clothes end up smelly. But thanks to patent-pending antimicrobial technology, these towels actually fight bacteria, which in turn keeps the pong at bay. These towels are also great for travelling and if you go hiking a lot.

RRP: $49 with free shipping

Caterpy No-Tie Shoelaces

Over the years I’ve tried various no-tie, elastic laces or products designed to remove the need for knots and make it easy to slip your shoes on and go. The main issues that arise with traditional laces are coming undone mid run or being really long and creating a potential catching hazards. The Caterpy laces are durable and effective in providing a comfortable fit that doesn’t loosen as you get further into your run. They also apply the pressure evenly down your foot, unlike some traditional lacing systems that means you get a pressure point at the spot where the knot is. They’re easy to apply and come in. arrange of colours to suit any shoes.

RRP: $16.95