Reviewed: Nuun Active

There’s a myriad of rehydration products out there. Some come with vitamins and minerals, others are packed with energy, or you get a mix of the two. Choosing what you like best is generally determined by flavour and how your stomach handles it. The latter of the two is more of a concern when using a supplement in a race scenario. With the Nuun Active range you’re looking at a water soluble tab that quickly dissolves in a bottle or glass of water to produce a lightly flavoured, electrolyte replacement drink. Now I’m no nutritionist so my assessment is pretty basic. I’m not one to worry too much about the science behind nutrition products. All I care about is them being yummy and I trust the nerds who formulate the stuff to take care of the rest!

What I really like about these is the simplicity. I finish a run, pour a glass of the wet stuff, pop a tab in and then drink it. There’s a bit of effervescents that adds to the refreshing nature of the beverage and most importantly the taste is fantastic. Afterwards I feel revitalised and only after the longest of my runs would I need another drink to fill the void. I use them on occasion during a run, in which case I prepare the drink prior by putting one of the tabs into each of my soft flasks. In this instance they can be a bit annoying because the flasks fill with gas and need deflating. It’s not that big a deal, it just means you need to let some air out during the process. What I dig most about them is that the small packaging and ease of use are ideal for when I’m travelling. I pop a tube in my carry on bag and can then have one inflight, much like you’d use a Hydralite, then have them on hand for while I’m away. It’s much easier and more tidy than carrying a bag or tub of powder that the geniuses at security sometimes get confused about and try to confiscate. All the flavours are awesome, but my favourite is the Lemon Lime.

RRP: $7