Review: UA Flow Velociti Elite

With the dawn of the ‘super shoe’ there has been a move away from minimalist footwear. Gone are the days of the elite wearing kicks that are both very flat and also not terribly cushioned. Now we see brands creating racing shoes with a massive stack height and loads of cushioning that ‘gives back’ and essentially propels you forward. This hasn’t been missed by Under Armour, who listened to their pro athletes to create their own super shoe.

The UA Flow Velociti Elite is the newest, marathon or road race specific footwear in the Under Armour range, and features UA’s award-winning, UA Flow technology. Every stride taken with the Velociti Elite is amplified by a full-length carbon fiber plate sandwiched in a soft midsole foam that compresses and springs back for added lift and energy return. While this might sound like a gimmick, you can genuinely feel a spring in your step and a noticeable difference in the effort required to run at pace. The WARP 2.0 upper is breathable, lightweight, and creates a snug fit – Even on a narrow foot like mine. The breathability helps minimise the hotspots that can develop on long road races and tempo sessions. The deign also means there are no friction points and you have a sock-like fit. This gives comfort and confidence with every step.

The rubberless UA Flow cushioning provides plenty of grip on most terrain. It was only on wet, smooth pavers that I ever felt that traction was a concern. Almost all road races are on tarred roads, so this shouldn’t be a concern. Aesthetically, like most UA products, they look great! There are three colours available: lime, white/red and white/black. Of the options, the red looks the fastest 😉 Weighing in at a tad over 200 grams, they’re very similar to the other super shoes in the market.

Durability is one thing that can make you reluctant to spend a little more on racing shoes, particularly if they’re very lightweight. It’s easy to think that they won’t stand up to lots of pounding. Well, you can rest assured you’ll get plenty of miles with the UA Flow Velociti Elite, as I’ve racked up countless runs on all sorts of terrain and mine not only look as good as new, but perform as well as they did when I first took them out of the box. My only word of warning is that you should wear them in a few tempo sessions before busting them out on race day. That way you’ll be used to just how fast they feel!

The Details:

Stockists: Under Armour Brand Houses,, Rebel RCX Stores


WEIGHT: 7.5OZ (212g)

Unisex & Neutral  

RRP: $300