Review: SunGod Custom Eyewear

After seeing SunGod adverts regularly in my Facebook feed, and being somewhat an accumulator of eyewear, I thought it was about time I got my hands on a pair to see how they compared to others in my collection. Logging onto the SunGod site it’s quick and easy to select and design your own custom pair of sunnies. There are several styles available so I opted for something that was more skewed towards fashion than sport. The reason being I like to have just the one pair and not fuss about with separate running and casual pairs. That said, in trail running it seems style is as important as function, particularly if you want those all-important ‘likes’ on social media.

You choose the frame colour/style, the lens type and the hue of the icons on the side. The options are varied and I went for a mildly conservative matte tortoise frame, polarised smoke lenses and brushed gold icons. Including shipping it came to $131.95, which is cheaper than most glasses. Less than a week later they arrived at my door. Pretty quick service! Immediately I was impressed. Having had a few hassles with online purchases in the past it was nice to find an operator that was so quick to service a sale.

Next step was judging the all-important aesthetics. On first glance they look quite stylish. The colour was as expected and as a whole they were pretty cool. Looking closely I did feel they were not as refined or as nicely finished as the more expensive alternatives in the marketplace, but you get what you pay for. Regardless, they look good and can double as both a daily, fashionable pair or something for running in.

Most importantly, it’s comfort and effective sun protection we’re after. They could be the best looking sunnies on the planet, but if you’re squinting and they bounce around your face while jogging, then they’re no good for runners. So, here’s the verdict. The lenses shielded my eyes really well. They weren’t so dark that it made it tricky to see the details on technical trails, but provided just enough protection so I didn’t squint my way through my training. The polarising was effective and while not really necessary for runners, it did help with my other hobby – fishing!

The fit was snug, extremely lightweight and comfortable. They bounced around a little while running, but in all honesty, the style I chose aren’t designed for runners. They’re made as all-round, stylish glasses that are perfect for those leading an active lifestyle. So in essence, I’d recommend them for runners after a second pair of sunnies that they might run in on occasion, but predominantly want something they can chuck in their backpack while on the go.

The PaceBreakers are their ‘sports’ eyewear for cycling, running etc.