Review: Spring Energy Gels

Looking for something that’s a little bit different in the energy gel space is difficult. Realistically there’s only so much that can be done and I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple. However after years of using gels as a primary source of fuel I was keen to give something unique a go. And that’s exactly how to best sum Spring Energy Gels up!

They’re all natural, made from real foods and ingredients with minimal processing, free from artificial components. This is key to their selling point, in that the belief is by using ‘real’ ingredients it helps reduce gut irritation and improves absorption. The gels also have a mix of carbs, which means the energy is released more gradually, so there are no spikes. But what I liked about them were two things: the flavours and the texture.

There are several different gels in the range, so you’ve got options to suit not only your taste, but the amount of energy you want, and whether or not you like caffeine (Speednut and Hill Aid options). They’re all very palatable, with a slightly tart taste to most of them, other than the recovery gel which is more like chocolate. I felt I could eat them all day long and never get flavour fatigue or become nauseous from the sickly sweet gels you normally encounter. I liked being able to alternate between them, using the Speednut as every third gel to increase the overall fuel consumption and get a hit of caffeine. The second point I previously mentioned was the texture. They’re quite viscous, a little like a fruit puree or applesauce consistency. It made them easy to consume without the need for liquid. That said, a mouthful of water or Tailwind was good to wash them down. For a more detailed analysis of the nutritional value, it’s best to visit their website.

If you want to give Spring a go, get your hands on a sample pack. That way you can try them all and decide on which flavours suit you best.

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