Review: Oakley EVZero Blades

Best described as performance eyewear that sits at the junction where sport meets fashion, the EVZero Blades are at home both pounding the pavement on a long Sunday run, and sitting at the café afterwards in recovery mode.

Firstly, there’s no denying the aesthetic is appealing. They look as you’d expect running glasses would, but there are some subtle design elements that lean towards streetwear. The minimalist frame with its rimless design reduces the bulk in terms of appearance and mass. The light weight makes them comfy all day long, with the comfort enhanced by the secure yet soft feel of the nosepiece and temples. There’s no movement while running and even after a couple hours on the go, there are none of the annoying pressure points that you sometimes get from other eyewear. Back to the subject of the look, there are several different lens hues a frame colours to suit whatever your style.

The Prizm™ lenses are designed to enhance colour, contrast and detail, providing great clarity while protecting against the elements. If you find yourself running in low-light situations, such as early morning or in the dappled light of a rainforest trail, the clear to black iridium photochromatic lenses are the pick. If you generally run midday or when the sun is beaming down, the Prizm Black, Sapphire or Violet lenses are the best option. For something in between, go for the Prizm Ruby lenses.

As always with Oakley, they’re built to be robust, plus the design minimises water and sweat droplets forming on them and obscuring your vision, and most importantly they don’t fog up when you’re on the go. After wearing them for a while now, they’ve become a go-to daily eyewear choice. I’ve found myself preferring these over having one pair that I wear when going for a run, and then a different option for casual catch ups with friends. I’ve also been using them for cycling, and found they fit comfortably beneath my helmet and afford ample protection from the wind.