Review: NormaTec 2.0 Leg System

Some product reviews interest me more than others. Shoes can be a bit samey and other things don’t give you much to talk about. Being a gadget guy, I like stuff that has buttons, requires batteries, makes noises, connects to apps and anything else remotely nerdy. I also love to checkout new technology that’s changing the way we approach our running and recovery. So needless to say, the NormaTec 2.0 from Hyperice got me excited.

The benefits of compression have long been known. It’s a common treatment for the reduction of inflammation and fluid retention, used by medical professionals and athletes alike. You can get all sorts of garments that claim to provide compressive qualities, but most offer little more than a snug fit that doesn’t create adequate pressure to provide real results. Enter the NormaTec 2.0 Legs. They have been scientifically developed to act as both a pre-workout warm up as well as a post-run recovery device, with proven results. But you really do have to try these things to know if the hype is legit.

When you unpack your delivery inside the box you’ll find a pair of leg attachments, a power supply, the control unit and a hose that connects the legs to the unit. It’s immediately apparent that this is a quality product. From the packaging and functionality, to what the contents are made from, everything about them is premium. Made using highly durable materials, you can use them with confidence that even with daily sessions you’ll get years of use. The robust zippers, hoses and connections can handle the rigors of even the roughest of users…like me when I’m tired and sore from training! 

What’s more, they’re incredibly easy to use. The process starts with reclining on the couch and turning on Netflix or your entertainment of choice. Next, you simply zip the legs on, making sure they’re nice and high on your thighs with your feet all the way snugly to the bottom. Attach the hoses and then connect them to the control unit at the other end. You can then either use the control unit to select the duration and intensity of the session and press play, or connect the Hyperice App via Bluetooth and choose the routine you’re after using your mobile. The beauty of the App is that it has a range of options available, from post workout recovery and pre training warm up, to a setting that aids in sleep.

So how do they work? In simple terms, the legs are designed with a series of pockets that are filled with air. The overlapping seems give you an even spread of pressure from your feet to your hips, with the control unit determining the level of compression. It automatically pulses and applies pressure to your legs in sequence. This process stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation, both aiding in recovery, but also preparing your pins prior to running out the door.

Are they effective? Hell yeah! I was a sceptic when I first got them, but within a week of daily use I was singing their praises. As someone that does a high volume of running and being not quite as youthful and spritely as I once was, I normally hobble around with sore legs and occasional puffiness. But after a few sessions with the NormaTec 2.0 Legs, I felt as though I was recovering much better between workouts. Not only that, but the routine I was in saw me using them prior to bed, which seemed to help me sleep better. Another application I used them for was reducing the post-flight swelling I get in my lower legs. As soon as I arrive home from the airport I pop them on and have immediate results, that reduce the puffiness and freshen me up so I can head out for a run.

One thing that holds most people back from buying something like this is the cost. Personally, I think that you invest so much time into your training that an indulgence like these is well worth it. Apart from increasing the joy you get from running, they can help you do more of what you love. Realistically, they will pay for themselves with a reduced need for massages and visits to the physio!

Battery life: Approx 2 hours

RRP: Normally $1,699.95 but right now they’re $1,599.95

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