REVIEW: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2

Touted as the most tested of Nike’s shoes, the ZoomX Incincible arrived with lots of anticipation, and after a month racking up the miles in them, I can tell you that they sure don’t disappoint!

These are some of the softest feeling runners I’ve had the pleasure of using. There’s no ‘pounding’ the pavement in these. It’s more like you’re floating across it, with a gentle landing and snappy response that feel fast. The fit is snug across your entire foot, with a lacing system and flyknit design that works like a glove and has no catch points or tight spots. The heel cup holds you in place nicely, giving confidence on those long runs with varied terrain, or if you want to tap out a faster tempo effort.

Adding to the stability is a high foam height that’s complimented by an exaggerated forefoot and heel, with a rocker-like form. This provides a larger platform that’s noticeable on footstrike. The foam itself is lightweight and extremely responsve, giving back every ounce of energy you put in. It’s a smooth transition throughout the stride, not a case of popping off the ground. I personally like this as it’s a more natural foot feel. The outsole is a waffle design, quite minimal yet providing good grip in most conditions. By no means is this a trail shoe, but it’s perfectly at home on road, concrete or grass.

The 9mm drop is kind on the achilles and weighing in at 317 grams, they’re light a fast. Add into the mix the red colour of those I tested and you’ve got a speedy looking, and feeling, pair of kicks.

Available here!

RRP: $260