Review: Nike Pegasus 36

The Pegasus is a mainstay in the Nike range. It has long been one of the most popular running shoes in the market, with each iteration being generally adored by the masses, and rightly so. They’re a reliable, durable shoe that suits most training situations, and most feet. Plus, having been available in gradually evolving forms for many years now, you know what you’re buying is well tested.

The 36 isn’t a huge change from its predecessor, so if you liked the 35, then you’ll likely be all over these guys. The neutral fit, 10mm drop, full-length rubber outsole and reasonably low weight makes them the perfect footwear for the majority of folks out there. They’re a very comfortable and snug fit, with the sweeping heel design meaning there’s minimal pressure on your Achilles.

It’s in the upper, around the heel where the greatest changes from the previous model exist. They’ve thinned down the tongue, made the heel counter and material around it slicker and made some marginal changes to the Flywire attachments. In my mind, it’s an improvement, however it can be annoying for some when they change such critical parts of a shoe. As someone that has Achilles issues, I’ve found the 36 to be kinder on my ageing tendons! I also like that they are a snug fit, so I don’t move around in the shoe. When I first laced them up I thought they may have been a tad tight across the top of my foot, however after a week in them they settled nicely and essentially formed to my foot. This means less chance of blisters and a more confident footstrike.

In simplest terms, the Pegasus 36 is a small advancement of the 35. It’s a shoe that looks great, feels very comfortable and will provide you with plenty of miles for a good price. They’re a great shoe for general running and fast tempo work, and to be honest, are a great racing shoe on non-technical trails where you want a little more underfoot cushioning than a racing flat provides, but don’t need the heavier tread and protection of a trail-specific shoe.