Review: Night Run Essentials

Whether you’re an early riser who likes to hit the road before the chaos of the day, or you find yourself too busy and heading out after long hours in the office or wrangling the kids, when it comes to running in the dark, for safety’s sake you need the right gear. We recently tested a few night running essentials from IlluminaRun, putting it to the test on some pre-dawn winter sessions and nighttime jaunts into the trails, and here’s our verdict.

A good pair of gloves comes in handy throughout the colder months and normally we go for something simple like plain black. But for some added value and to increase your visibility to cars and wayward pedestrians, try this fluorescent yellow touch-screen option. Apart from being comfy and breathable, the touch screen compatible thumb and first finger make it easy to operate your phone on the go. They’re really well made using a 4-way stretch polyester mix, with reflective logos and trims. The bright colour also means you can be seen from a distance. They keep your hands toasty warm on their own and can double as an under-layer when you head to the snow and wear waterproofs over the top.

To help light the way, most of us wear a headlamp. But they’re not always comfortable or practical for everyone. A great alternative that’s both comfortable and generally more stable, is to wear a chest light. This option has an adjustable, 500 lumen beam that’s powered by a 2400mAh Lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 4 hours. It’s USB charged and features a hnady battery power indicator so you know how much gas you’ve got left. The rear red light is a great addition, as is the capacity to change the angle of the chest light to suit your preferences. For added safety the straps are reflective too!

The last night running essential we tested was the Reflective Y-Fumble Phone Arm Band. For those that like to run with their phone or carry small items like keys or credit cards, this versatile accessory means you can be hands free and confident your items are secure yet still easily accessible. Made from high-quality, flexible, and machine washable fabrics, the arm band is soft and comfy despite being a firm fit. It features a reflective logo and is available in black, blue or pink. We found it to be good for not only a mobile, but also some gels on those really long runs. One added benefit was a bit of extra warmth!