Review: Kiprun Ultralight

Decathlon is the sports and apparel equivalent of Aldi. It’s a company known for making low-cost, no fuss products that serve to fill a gap in the market for those after quality, without the high price tag. But is it a case of “You get what you pay for?”

The product we were sent to wear test is the Kiprun Ultralight Running Shoe. It’s the road racing option in the Kiprun range that Decathlon makes. In our case, we didn’t race in the shoe, but used it for fast workouts like interval sessions and tempo runs. That said, it would no doubt be suitable as a race day flat. The weight is very low (200g for the size 8.5) which is similar to most brands in this category. There’s a 6mm drop and it’s a neutral fit. The upper is a breathable mesh-like material that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet cool. This is a big plus for those long tempos. The fit is snug for a medium to wide foot, with a small amount of room in the toe box for your feet to splay touch. The tread is ample for good grip in most conditions and thick enough to last a while.

We found the Kiprun performed pretty well for short interval sessions, where you want something light and fast and don’t necessarily need loads of cushioning. When it came to the longer workouts, such as 20 minute tempos, they were great too. The only thing being that they’re such a lightweight, minimalist shoe, we got the feeling that you’d be better saving them for racing and not wearing them out in sessions. A heavier runner would be found wanting a little more cushioning and support in the upper. But keep in mind this is meant to be a very lightweight ‘racing’ shoe, so you can expect them to have made a few sacrifices to help give you an edge on race day.

Our verdict is that the Kiprun Ultralight is certainly worth giving a go. The low cost certainly is attractive and quite competitive when compared to most of the big brands out there. Plus the quality of the shoe is on par with others at that price point.

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RRP: $125