Review: Hypervolt 2 Pro

Self-maintenance is one of the most important things a runner can add to their routine. When you’re racking up the miles, the body gets tired and sore. So to minimise the risk of injury it’s wise to sleep loads, eat well, stretch and get massages. But we can’t always find the time to fit a trip to the masseuse into our busy schedules. Sometimes there’s just the occasional 15-minute window when you can tend to your aching legs. That’s where the Hpervolt 2 Pro comes in. This is an evolution of the original and highly successful Hypervolt Plus.

The gun comes with 5 attachments. A flat head which is ideal for large muscle groups. A ball head, which you could consider as the universal massage head and a slightly gentler option to the flat head. There’s a fork head for the spine and neck area but I also like it for calves. For the bony areas there a cushion head and for the trigger points you’ve got a bullet head, which is also awesome for your feet. With a battery that lasts up to 3 hours, you can go through the full set several times over while giving yourself and someone else a massage.

The ergonomic, rubberised handle is comfy to hold, and the relatively light weight means you don’t get a tired arm when using it for extended periods. There’s five different speeds you can choose from, which is done via a dial on the back, and no matter how hard a massage you like, the Hypervolt has you covered. Personally, I’ve spent a lifetime getting really hard massages and squirming on the table, so I pretty much always opt for the highest rate and either the flat head or bullet.

Using the gun is super easy. You just choose one of the 5 supplied attachments, select the speed level and you’re away. What’s more, the noise it creates is low enough that you can watch a movie while working on yourself. When you’re done, plug it into the wall and it will be fully charged for next time your muscles need some soothing. As a side note, I’ve been using mine when I travel for work or holidays. It’s small and light enough that it’s not an inconvenience, and means that I keep on top of the recovery when away from home and not in my usual routine.

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