Review: Helinox Ridgeline FL135

Hiking poles continue to rise in popularity in Australia. Because they can have such a significant impact on how people handle long or steep climbs, they’re affectionately referred to as ‘cheat sticks’ by some.

This particular model, the Helinox Ridgeline 135, is generally targeted at the hikers, but is also a good option for those new to using poles who want something more robust and flexible in its applications than the lightweight, carbon options. The twist lock mechanism of this telescopic pole is easy to use and lets you quickly adjust the length. The FL135 model that we tested is suitable for people from 165cm up to 200cm tall. This range in lengths is also good for events where the terrain varies from extremely steep, to more tame inclines. Because they have a wide diameter, they don’t flex under a heavy load, so you can put them under serious pressure when times are getting tough.

The packed length is 59cm, and when in use they range from 90 to 135cm. Each pole weights 188 grams and there’s a 5 year warranty. A pair will set you back $214, which is a good price for the high quality of the product. You can also get snow, sand and mud baskets or rubber tip covers.

If you want an all-round performer that will likely last a lifetime, then give these a go. You’ll be surprised how much they will help you in your next mountain run.