Review: Decathlon Running

Decathlon is famed for providing low cost apparel and footwear to the adventurous and sporting community. But is it a case of getting what you pay for? Too often you find that cheap stuff ends up being of a poor design or manufacture quality, so I went into this review with a certain amount of scepticism. The range I was looking at was their running category, specifically the Kiprun Light Men’s Running Short, the Windproof Running Jacket and the Kiprun Skincare Long Sleeve Top.

Firstly, lets talk about the shorts and top. The fit of both was well designed, snug and comfortable, with movement in the right places. Sometimes I find that smalls are getting increasingly large, but these products are designed for healthy people of a smaller frame, so a small is perfect for a skinny, average height distance runner. The wicking capacity of the top was pretty good. Not on par with the more expensive brands out there, but not too shabby either. It was also quite warm, ideal for spring mornings in Sydney where it typically starts out cool and heats up by 10am. There’s not a huge amount I can say about the shorts. They’re very lightweight, don’t chafe and have a small pocket for keys or gels. Aesthetically, both products look great!

Now to the jacket. Apart from looking good, it has a feel of quality about it. It folds into a pocket and fits in the palm of your hand, which is perfect when travelling or to squeeze into a running pack. Although not waterproof, it does have a small amount of moisture repellent quality, so on a misty morning or very light drizzle, you’re afforded a little bit of protection. The underarm and back ventilation means you have some breathability, but I still found my arms got a bit sweaty. That said, it’s a wind-stopper and meant to keep you warm when the weather turns or you run to the top of a mountain and need some warmth on the descent, which is is ideal for.

In all, the Decathlon range was a welcome surprise. The quality for the price is fantastic and if these items are anything to go by, the rest of what they have to offer runners is worth taking a look at.