Review: Chief Collagen Protein Bars

Before I get too far into this write-up, I have to confess to something. Apart from being supported by Chief Bars, I’m also not a nutritionist. So you might think I’m not qualified or will be biased in my thoughts. But, I’m a straight shooter, and if I think something is crap I’d say so. Now to the task at hand – The Chief Collagen Protein Bars.
To describe them in a single word, I’d use ‘Yummy’. These things are really nice! Both the cashew shortbread and chocolate brownie flavours are awesome. If I had to pick one, I would opt for the chocolate. For the most part the texture is great. A mix of soft and chewy with a few light, crunchy bits in the mix. However, they’re a tad sticky in your mouth, so my advice is to eat the bar with a side of water, or in my case, I have one with my morning cup of tea.
The Chief website ( has all the scientific and nutritional details, which is summated with the following bit of info I copied from it: ‘Collagen has been shown to be great for strengthening joints, muscle recovery and repair. And just like bone broth, collagen also aids digestion and improves gut health.’ So if the science is on point, then these tings are going to be great for your recovery and general health. To be honest, like when taking other nutritional products or supplements, I often don’t overtly feel the benefits. I just assume there’s something good going on. In this instance, I trust what the packaging says, as I personally know the people making them put a lot of time and energy into creating products that are results driven and thoroughly researched. Plus I know that I need plenty of protein in my diet, which these bars help add to.
At the end of the day, we put so much time and money into our training, apparel, physios etc, that I’m happy to suggest investing a bit of coin into additional help people can get from the fuel they consume. Regardless, they taste great and I’d still eat them simply as a snack!