Review: Aussie Grit Apparel

When I heard Mark Webber had created an outdoor apparel brand I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. While he does have a passion for adventure sport, it doesn’t necessarily mean he can produce the goods that trail runners are after. Well, clearly he assembled the right people for the job, because the Aussie Grit range is fantastic.

Aesthetically they’ve combined a simple, no fuss style with function. The gear all looks great, without the need for big logos, gimmicks or crazy patterns to command attention. I like to think of it as being gear for those that want to have some style on the trails and avoid being walking billboards. But while looks are pretty much the first thing we consider when buying apparel, it’s comfort that’s the clincher.

Firstly, lets talk about the shorts. In both the men’s and women’s Flint shorts there’s an inner tight that has a pocket to hold your mobile. A phone on our thigh was a bit uncomfortable but the pocket did prove ideal for a gel and some cash for a post run coffee. The inner is good for those that like the feeling of light compression and reduce chaffing, however on longer runs in the rain, there was some rubbing on the seams, which can be expected. Also, the inner means they’re warm, which is great for winter, but not ideal in the heat of summer.

The outer is made from a water resistant, durable and stretchy material. It oozes quality and being well fitted moves freely and doesn’t catch or rub anywhere. The wide waistband adds to the comfort.

The tops are similar to the bottoms, in that they look stylish and are made to a very high standard. A highlight of the women’s range is the AirFlow long sleeve top. The perforated arms make this a good option for variable conditions or Spring/Autumn days where it might be crisp to start with. The material is a merino blend, so it wicks nicely and breaths well. Also, the design is fitted, so there’s no excess material or flapping in the wind. This adds to comfort, reduces weight and also thanks to a combination of the fitting and soft materials, there’s no chaffing. The zips and finishings are all high quality, with an attention to detail that you don’t get from cheaper products.

This is the sort of gear that will last a lot of miles and keep you looking good and comfortable the whole time. Yes, it costs a little more than some other brands out there, but the quality justifies the extra dollers. What’s more it’s an Australian start-up with good brand values, so why not get behind it?!

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