Review: ASICS Novablast 3

Runners typically have an extensive collection of shoes for varying training types, to suit different outfits or just because we all can’t help ourselves and love to have the latest kicks. But out of all the footwear on the rack, there’s always a pair that gets used most frequently. The everyday shoes that are good for the general runs, from easy jogs to the longer weekend outings. That’s the space the Novablast fits into. They’re not for speed sessions, although they perform pretty well for tempo work, however if you’re after something you’ll get lots of mileage out of and feel good in the process, these are ideal.

They’re bouncier, more supportive and lighter than their predecessor and straight out of the box the Novablast 3 offers a soft yet reactive feel, best described as a responsive running experience. With every foot strike you’re met with a gentle landing but there’s an almost immediate bounce or return that propels you forward. 

The upper breaths nicely and fits snugly, providing plenty of comfort, with the updated tongue construction improving fit by reducing movement. The heel cup is supportive and the overall heel design guides your foot with more stability through the gait cycle.​ The midsole has had 1mm of foam added compared to the previous version, which helps to increase the bounce and responsiveness.

Designed for neutral runners with a normal arch, the Men’s US 9 wieghs in at a very light 253g with a 31mm heel and 23mm forefoot. A nice side note is that more than 50% of the polyester materials used in the construction of the Novablast are recycled, helping to make them that little bit more sustainable. One final word is that you know a shoe is good if the reviewer goes out and buys more of them, and that was exactly the case with these. Not only did I get myself another pair, but I got my wife some too!