Review: ASICS DynaFlyte

After a disappointing day in the office at the ASICS Beat The Sun race last week, I trudged back into my hotel room to find a fresh-looking cardboard box had been placed on the bed in my absence. “What is this new madness?” I thought to myself, and opened it up to find a shiny new pair of ASICS’ latest innovation, the DynaFlyte, contained within. My somewhat dampened spirits took a lift, as they would when any runner comes into possession of a new pair of trainers!

A fantastic-looking shoe, with the shape of a regular trainer – but the first thing I noticed upon lifting the shoes out of their box was their lightness. They actually felt like they weighed similar to a pair of racing flats! The other thing I saw upon that initial inspection was the lack of bumpy seams on the upper of the shoe. It was one trim little kick!

asics-dynaflyte-3-565x372The real test is a run in them, of course. Some running shoes may look awesome, but those first few steps can just curl your hair and fade your socks if they don’t work. The DynaFlyte appears very cosy from the outside, and I’m please to say that once put they are put on that appearance holds up! For my foot it was a super-snug fit, and in a good way, not the cut-off-your-circulation type of fit. The softness of the midsole is immediately apparent in the initial steps. The softness is due to new foam developed by ASICS called “FlyteFoam”, which is approximately 55% lighter than standard midsole foam, but this lightness doesn’t seem to compromise the ability of the foam to attenuate shock.

zoom_sideThe first outing for my DynaFlytes occurred the day after the Beat The Sun attempt, when my feet, legs, arms and pretty much everything else was sore from the all-day effort. It was only some light jogging, followed by strides, but I was once again impressed with the softness and responsiveness of the shoe, and the comfort offered to my aching bones was much appreciated.

I wouldn’t recommend the DynaFlyte for long runs or anything over, say, 20k. But it depends on what you want from your training. You could definitely do fast-paced or tempo training in them. They are almost as light as the DS Trainer, but the cushioning is the same, or possibly even better than a heavier style trainer, as the FlyteFoam midsole extends along the whole length of the shoe! The trim upper also adds to the fast feeling of the shoe, which further encourages speedy training…

Reviewd by Russell Dessaix-Chin