Review: Adidas Ultraboost 20

Straight out of the box you know you’re in for something different. They look like a mix of fashion footwear for the sneaker freaks, and the type of highly cushioned running shoe we’re seeing increasingly more of in the market.

While it’s not a total overhaul, the targeted alternations have improved the feel of the Ultraboost, making it a worthwhile update. The 20 shares some of the features of its predecessor, the 19. The heel cup, Continental outer sole, laces, collar height, midsole shape and torsion bar are as before. If you had worn the old model you’ll know they’re very comfortable and a capable shoe for high volume runners, but a tad soft for speed work. Also, the sole also offers plenty of grip for most conditions and the shoe as a whole can handle plenty of mileage. But there are some subtle changes that improve on the old model.

The polyester heel cup gives a more snug fit, holding your heel firmly in place. The upper as a whole is now more supportive, thanks to some changes in the stitching through the forefoot, and a few modifications to the lacing system. This lends the shoe to being more capable on uneven terrain. The Primeknit upper now features Tailored Fibre Placement technology, which forms to your foot and provides support specifically where required. The other noticeable thing when running in them is that the midsole feels well cushioned, but has plenty of responsiveness, right through to toe-off.

If you’re looking for a shoe with lots of cushioning and a design that helps unload your Achilles, then these are certainly worth considering. The build quality is fantastic, as you’d hope from Adidas, and your average runner can expect to get 800km or more out of a pair.

RRP: $260