RE3 Ice Compression Review

One of the first things you’re told to do when you get a sore spot is to “Pop sone ice on it”. It seems to be the universal treatment for most running-related soreness. From tendinopathy and minor impact injuries to muscle tears, a physio will generally recommend getting the inflammation down. In the past we would reach into the freezer for a bag of frozen peas or some ice cubes that we’d wrap in a tea towel. Then it was a matter of sitting on the couch and watching TV while drips of cold water ran down to the floor. It meant you couldn’t get on with things and the overall hassle often meant you wouldn’t bother.

Enter the RE3 Ice Compression Pack. This ingenious product utilises an Ice Core Blanket, which has been designed with two temperature zones that transfer energy in a manner that allows it to maintain a sub-zero environment for extended periods of time. Many traditional reusable ice packs don’t adequately cool an area for a long enough period of time to properly facilitate cryotherapy at a level that you get results. Whereas the Core Blankets, when inserted into the neoprene Compression Braces, are insulated and maintain the necessary chill to attain better results.

The Compression Braces are made from a high quality, 3mm neoprene that firmly wraps around your knee, ankle of whatever part of your anatomy your particular model is designed for. The wide fit is very comfortable and the compression it creates also adds to the reduction in inflammation. I’ve even used my brace without the Core Blanket inside! The final addition to the RE3 pack is a handy travel case that’s waterproof, so you can take the pack with you wherever you go.

What I love most about this product is the ease of use. Yep, I definitely feel like it gives better results that a bag of peas or zip-lock filled with ice cubes, but it’s the comfort, simplicity and ability to move around while icing that I’m most impressed with. In the past I couldn’t be bothered sitting around holding an ice pack on. Now though, my ageing body is getting regular treatment and 
I’ve found the patella tendinopathy and chronic Achilles pain have greatly reduced. I finish a run, grab a drink and something to eat, pop on my RE3’s and start the recovery process, all while still being able to move around and entertain the kids….to an extent!

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