Race Planning For Success

This is not a blog, it’s an easy to use tool which will get you to the start line and ultimately the finish line with more confidence.

The 5 P’s provide a good summary of the importance of planning.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Please refer to the below link for our Race Planner and use it as a guide in the month prior to your specific race.

Swap a ‘Rest Day’ for ‘Make Race Plan” in your training schedule and give this step the time it deserves. It will be beneficial to your race success and your mental game.

It’s not only the tangible plan you can hold and refer back to in moments of panic but it’s the process of putting these plans together, which solidify your understanding of the event, how to ace it and what you need for the successful journey.

Copy our Race Planner or sent us a message and we can send you the excel file.

This is a Race Planner specific to The Tarawera Ultra Marathon 102km. You can adapt it for any event.

RACE PLANNER – Tarawera 102km

Keep Healthy, Injury Free and Plan Like You Want It.

Tally Ho!!