Precision Hydration Review

There are countless hydration options in the marketplace, all in various flavours, with differing amounts of calories and electrolytes. Choosing what works best for you is ideally done via trial and error. When given the opportunity to test Precision Hydration products I was keen to explore what makes them unique and potentially better or worse than their competitors. It all began with doing the free online sweat test. This is done to better understand the amount of Sodium you go through during exercise. Everyone is different and if you want to take a targeted approach to your electrolyte consumption, I strongly advise doing this online test as a minimum. PH also has test centres where they can perform a more thorough assessment.

Once you know your sweat rate and the amount of sodium you go through, you then apply the findings to your choice of PH products. For me, well…lets just say I’m a heavy sweater, and every run finishes with a crust of dry white crystals on my shirt. So the plan I employed, based on having done the sweat test, was to use the PH1500 hydration packets as my pre-race/really long run drink, then during the event/run the PH1000 would suffice. You simply mix a sachet of the powder into 500mL of water and gradually drink to thirst. This powder to water ratio is ideal for soft flasks and I found the flavours to be really nice and easy to consume.

As for the results, I didn’t experience any stomach issues or cramping throughout. At no point was there any flavour fatigue, which can occur when having the same taste in your mouth for several hours. I also felt as though I fatigued less than normal, in the sense that I typically get very thirsty and light cramps gradually creep in once I get beyond 2 hours while running on a hot day. The major positive was after the runs, where I felt as though I recovered more rapidly in the couple of hours immediately post. To be honest, it might have been the product, or just the fact that by using it I was more aware of my fluid intake and didn’t get dehydrated, which is often the case.

One of the big positives of the PH range is the convenience. The waterproof sachets are a great size for a small drink bottle or soft flask, and they’re easy to take with you when travelling. This goes for the soluble tablets too. Once again, I’d like to stress that the flavours are quite nice. I could happily consume it all day long in an ultra!

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