Perth Bridges 10km

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.47.42 pmProbably the staple run for everyone who travels to Perth, the ‘Bridges Run’ encompasses a flat terrain with the option of grass or pavement and million dollar views throughout the journey.

Starting point is largely arbitrary, but generally most athletes will either meet at the Wesley College boatshed, or the “Flagpole” – just to the west of the boatshed. The run can be completed in either direction depending on how you feel, although most purists will say it runs anti-clockwise in line with the Bridges Fun Run route, which is Perth’s premier stand alone road race.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.50.51 pmThe views from the run are spectacular – you are either looking across the iconic swan river to the Perth CBD, or running right alongside the towering buildings, yet still safely on the waters edge. Plenty of drink stops adorn the route and you can expect to see numerous other runners out in force, especially in the weeks leading up to a major fun run.

The 10km loop also has the added benefit of having the stretch from Mends St to the Swan River Trust marked out at 200m intervals – handy for those wanting to include some fartlek or interval training into their schedule. However be warned, the summer months see the Fremantle Doctor pick up early afternoon, so any running in a westerly direction will be a challenge!

bridge run