Outdoor Research – Turbine Shorts

50781_116When I look for shorts to run in I look for 3 things. Black, longish and an inner. The Turbine Shorts I have added to my collection tick all those boxes.

They are black with some ‘pewter’ coloured stripes. This make them look stylish and distinguishes them slightly from all my other shorts…but they do come in other colours too! These shorts are long (7 inch inseam). Not too long but longer then I normally wear, however they sit comfortably above the knee and don’t catch or get in the way when power hiking. I wouldn’t race in them however for easy runs or all day adventures they’re great!

Without doubt it is the short ‘inner’ that I love the most. If you are still running in jocks and a pair of footy shorts this will be all-new to you. But if you have long embraced the inner undies style then the OR Turbine shorts go next level as they have Inner boxers! I love the fit and feel of this simple change. It is probably why they have become my go to shorts for long runs. They are the first shorts I have run in with this feature and I hope all other shorts follow suit – Add a set to your collection!

Review by Aaron Knight

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