On the Run – Tom Owens

Tom Owens is known to many as a Jedi Master of trail running. But if you are lucky enough to meet him, you will remember him for his dang strong Scottish accent and for being one of the nicest guys in the sport. When Tom races, he does it well. Winning events such as Tromsø Extreme Skyrace or placing 4th at the IAU Trail World Championships. Here are a quick few Qu’s with Tom.

What quote plays in your memory?  and why?
It’s pretty cheesy but remembering to “never ever give up” is very handy in races where so much can change towards the end of a race (especially if there is a long descent 🙂 )
What does giving back to the running community look like to you?

Being part of my local running club in Glasgow – Shettleston Harriers – is really important to me. It’s good to share experiences with people of all running levels/ ages and talk through ideas and experiences.  When I’ve got more free time I’d like to help coach the younger hill runners.
What is the most important session you do all week?

A long-ish fast-ish hill run – usually done at the weekend with some mates

What is your go to for a pre-race dinner and breakfast?
Dinner – something simple like rice & fish/ chicken or pizza for the shorter stuff.

Breakfast – porridge/ muesli with banana

How would you describe your everyday nutrition? Do you stick to a specific nutrition plan?

No nutrition plan. I think my nutrition is generally okay – I try to keep it pretty balanced with lots of fruit & veg. I’m getting better at taking time, to prepare wholesome meals rather than mega quick stuff.

Why Trail Running?

It keeps me sane!

What are your other passions outside of running?

I really enjoy cycling and that’s my main mode of transport (other than running)

In fact, I love playing lots of sports and was really into racquet sports and football when I was younger. when I have more time I’d like to get back into tennis again.

Do you go through an ‘off’ season, what does it consist of?

I usually take November pretty easy with just some easy jogs & social bikes (if the weather isn’t too bad). Generally, I do a bit more cycling and some cyclocross races in early winter before starting to build a running base again. I avoid running races for a few months to get hungry again for the next spring/ summer season.


Tom is a social media butterfly and can be followed at:

@tom.owens.716 (Facebook); @TomOwens100 (Twitter); @tomowens100 (Instragram)