On the Run – Scotty Hawker

We like, to call Scotty Hawker a local in Australia because really, ANZ is just one big happy family right? Scotty is a very consistent performer and loves supporting at events as much as racing them.

What quote plays in your memory?  and why?

“Suck it up and get the job done!” – I love this one as it works for me when I’m contemplating taking the soft option and slowing down or hiking when I know I really shouldn’t be. I’ll repeat this over and over throughout a long race to keep me performing at my best.

What does giving back to the community look like to you?

I’ve held a few information sessions over the last couple of years with proceeds going to charity, and I always love to help out at races when I can. Being out there supporting is just as much fun as racing! Helping people on their ultra or trail journey is such a cool experience.

What is the most important session you do all week?

Easily my hill sessions, if I’m nailing these sessions then I know I’m generally in pretty good form. The types of hill sessions will vary depending on where I’m at in my training schedule, but my coach Andy DuBois flicks me a couple of benchmark sessions around 3-4 weeks out from a race so I know where I’m at in terms of my current form. I love reading these sessions when they come through in my weekly plan as I know we’re getting pretty close to game time!

What is your go to for a pre-race dinner and breakfast?

Pre-race dinner is usually a tomato-based pasta with chicken and vegetables. Generally, I won’t have breakfast before a race as I enjoy my sleep too much to get up early. I leave this pretty open because sometimes I wake up early enough to eat in which case I’ll generally have some grain toast with avocado and marmite. On the race days that I don’t eat breakfast, I just have a coffee.

How would you describe your everyday nutrition? Do you stick to a specific nutrition plan?

Scotty with wife Liz and baby Sienna

A little bit of everything really. I don’t really have a strict diet or game plan when it comes to food. Breakfast is something like eggs with spinach and avocado, sometimes I’ll swap spinach for toast. Lunch would generally be a cold meat and salad wrap, often in summer, I’ll make a green salad with some tuna. There’s always avocado in some shape or form with most meals. Dinner is mixed, I’m a huge fan of pasta, Mexican, pizza and burgers. Pretty much whatever is going, but I don’t like to go a week without a pizza. Liz and I love making home made pizzas

Why trail running, why ultra running?

Ever since I was a kid back in NZ I loved it when Mum and Dad took me and my little bro on tramping (hiking) trips, I loved being out in the mountains. My Uncle also took me on my first run on the Mingha-Deception route which is part of the Coast to Coast Multisport race in NZ. I remember feeling so overwhelmed from this run, the scenery, terrain and sharing this experience with him was awesome!

I delved into the world of ultra running because I’ve always loved a challenge. After completing my first ultra at a 50km road race I found myself asking “what next?” I also feel that generally the longer and tougher the race the better I seem to perform. I often feel like I take a while to get “warmed up” in races and love that feeling in the final 1/4 of races where you’re feeling so tired but still able to move efficiently and fast through the mountains.

What are your other passions outside of running?

Spending time with Liz and our daughter Sienna is the best. Taking Sienna for hikes in the mountains is so much fun and seeing her look around at the trees and surroundings is pretty cool. I also love to play disc golf, it’s such a cool sport and an awesome community that I’d say is comparable to the ultra community. Both have so many awesome people that make the sports so much more fun!


You can find Scotty on Facebook ( @ScottyHawker) and Instagram (@scotty_hawker)