On the Run – Pau Bartolo

Pau Bartolo is a jet on technical trails, which is evident after a quick review of his results sheet – Winning the CCC, TDS and Transgrancanaria Advance. Pau is a true advocate for the sport of trail running establishing Escola Trail Running (trail running school) in his home region of Catalunya. He is also a coach and a real family man. Here is a little more behind the success of Pau.

What do you do for recovery in between training? 

What’s most important for me is not to train too much, to do everything step by step and between training I drink and eat as soon as I finish. I try to sleep 8-9 hrs a day and also to have a daily routine like training, eating and sleeping in the same hours.

Are you coached? if so,  what are the benefits?

Photo: @abelcastells

I am a coach myself and so I plan my workouts. sometimes it’s difficult to know what is best to do for yourself and you need somebody else with a good coaching formation to help you. In my case, I have a friend who is also a coach and we talk about my training.

What is the most important session you do all week?

It depends on the distance I’m preparing for. For an ultra runner you must do a long run (3-4h) a week and if you’re racing a VK (Vertical Kilometre) you must do interval training on short climbs.

In your least favourite running conditions, when you’re feeling less than keen, what gets you out, to get it done?

I never think in terms of just one day, I think with a global, big picture view. Somedays you don’t want to run but you must think about it holistically and how it relates to your life, what you like and why you’re doing it. When you have your answer, for sure you will go running. It’s true that some days you don’t want to run, I always say that it’s better to rest this day, it must be a result of being tired and your mind needs some rest. But for sure the next day you’ll be able to do it.

How would you describe your everyday nutrition? Do you stick to a specific nutrition plan?

I don’t have a very specific plan but it’s true that I try to eat clean, with natural food, no sugars, only a little gluten and milk. I try to avoid the food that can intoxicate my cells.

Why trail running, why ultra running?

I’m a trail runner because I love outdoor sports and with trail running I have everything, I think it’s the most natural sport. You are without anything else and it allows you to connect with nature. You can feel your effort in the most natural way. I’m an ultra trail runner because it’s where I achieve my best results and it suits my physiology. I can perform at my best and this motivates me greatly. Ultra distance has something that the other distances does not have. There is a sense of satisfaction in finishing and you don’t race against anybody, you race against the distance and elements of the race.

What are your other passions outside of running?

I love mountain biking, road cycling and skiing (x-country and mountaineering).

Do you ski in the winter?

Yes, I do, usually twice a week.

What are your plans for 2017?

I don’t have a closed calendar but I’ll try to do some Ultra SkyRunning races and some long trail running races but always technical.

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