On the Run – Didrik Hermansen

Didrik Hermansen is one person we can all learn a few tricks from. A family man who loves racing the long stuff. He has an incredible resume of results, including wins at Laverado Ultra Trail, Transgranscanaria and placing 2nd at Western States. He will again be one to watch this coming season, especially with his planned race calendar.

What quote plays in your memory?  and why?

“Didrik, you are the best in the long run” A good friend of mine told me that years ago, and now I believe it’s true!

What is a typical session within your weekly plan?

I never skip the weekly long run. For an ultrarunner I believe that is the most important workout. Besides that, I try to run a longer speedy season over 60 min.

What is your go to for a pre-race dinner and breakfast?

I normally don’t need something specific to eat or drink. Cause when I travel I don’t wanna make myself dependent on anything in case I won’t be able to get that where ever I am situated.

Are you coached? if so,  what are the benefits?

I coach myself! It has worked out great so far and I’m not thinking about using a coach. But of course, I have a lot of smart friends who I speak with!

How would you describe your everyday nutrition? Do you stick to a specific nutrition plan?

I eat quite normal. Not too many products made out of milk. And not to much bread. I also try to reduce the amount of sugar, as the rest of the world!!

Why trail running, why ultra running?

I have always loved to be active. I love to run, and especially the trails cause that’s what we’re made for. I also live next to the forest with endless trails so it’s easy for me.

What are your other passions outside of running?

I work as a physiotherapist and have to kids so that keep up the rest of my time 🙂

What are your plans for 2017?

Firstly it will be Transgrancanaria in February followed by Penyagolosa Trails CSP, Lavaredo Ultra Trail and UTMB.