Ode to The North Face

T’was the night after North Face and all through the land,

not a runner was stirring, not even to stand.

We’d run all the day, and some through the night,

We’d tackled the course with all of our might.


From Scenic World we started, a pack of nerves and smiles

With gels and packs all ready, to run for miles and miles.

We raced down Narrow Neck, and braved the Taros ladders

Knowing in the end, it’s not the winning that really matters.


We took in breathtaking sights, of valley and mountain ridge

Even happening across a guy, playing tunes upon a ‘didge!

We ticked off each kilometre, buoyed by spectators on course

Now knowing a life without the North Face, would be filled with chagrin, and remorse!


We hurtled down Kedumba, many at breakneck speed

Racing over rock and river, some in an effort to take the lead.

Others trudged and fought each step, never willing to give in

Marching through the mountains, with a grimace, or was it a grin?


We ran on track and trail, not against nature but ourselves

And many found at times, into the ‘hurt locker’ we did delve.

When we reached the Furber stairs, that cruel but final ascent

We heaved on with our tired bodies, and ever upward went.


And arriving at the finish, we all shed a tear of relief

The journey to this point, had been a battle of self-belief.

Personal bests were made and tested, upon this course so mighty

And just to cross the finish line, is not to be taken lightly!


Well done to all you champions, you should be proud to finish

And it’s just a few days on, but the aches and pain’s diminished.

So we look back now with fondness, on a race that tested many

But regrets you’ll find are sparse, and I’ll wager there isn’t any.


And the race was hard indeed, but the mountains rich and rewarding

And those tired legs are resting, but another Ultra’s calling,

We all rose to meet our challenge, but still the North Face beckons

So I’m pretty sure I’ll see you there, back on course next year I reckon!


By Bronwen Watson


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