Nepal’s Trail Adventure of a Lifetime

Amidst all the daily chaos and the ‘Groundhog day’ nature of the weekly grind, just take a moment, RIGHT NOW to think about what your avenue for escape this year could be.

Just like a guided meditation, read along and consider this as an option.

A “Trail adventure of a lifetime….due to combination, of jaw dropping, scenery (I will never forget my first sight of Manaslu), fantastic trails, beautiful villages, humble people (highlight being invited into their home), excellent trip organisation and wonderful team camaraderie! …. a hugely rewarding challenge.” – Bruce Chisholm, NZ

This is the Manaslu Trail Race and it also has a large element of Social Responsibility giving back to the Nepali locals, helping to provide employment opportunities and a memorable experience.

In the 2016 edition, 38 participants raced the 7-stages, exactly 50% women, 50% men. Seven of the runners came from Nepal with other athletes (‘fast’ and ‘slow’) coming from across the globe.

Manaslu Trail Race has some hard to rival views and obstacles to navigate, one being the eighth highest mountain in the world.  Over 14 days (7 stages of ‘racing’), you will be immersed into, the Nepali culture, landscape and you own challenges.

The event provides participants with an exclusive insight and experience, staying in remote villages, passing over ancient trails and being supported by hospitable locals. It’s a gateway to a far removed part of the globe and simple lifestyle.


Fully supported on this journey, you are able to focus on your own ability to challenge your mind and body while trying to remember to look up at the beauty that is the Himalayas.


“It’s one thing doing a race in the Himalayas and seeing those glorious snow-capped ranges from a distance; but to be running on a beautiful trail through these mountains with them towering above you one minute, then running up their steep sides the next and surveying the amazing views, that’s a unique running experience.” – Claire Palmer, UK

There will never be a shortage of ‘throw-back photos’ or stories to tell family, friends and colleagues.

After this experience, there will likely never be another day in your life that seems the same as before. That’s a big statement, but this is one of those kinds of pilgrimages.

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Pre-register for November 2017

The 2017 edition will day by day look like this:

Total of 169km  (+10,970m / -9794m Elv.)

Days 1, 2, 3

Nov 11-13th

Kathmandu (11th arrive, 12th organise, 13th depart to start)

Day 4

Tuesday, Nov 14th

Stage 1 – Sotikhola to Tatopani

19.5km (+ 2080m / -1770m Elv.)

Day 5

Wednesday, Nov 15th

Stage 2 – Tatopani to Pewa

32.2km (+ 1250m / -440m Elv.)

Day 6

Thursday, Nov 16th

Stage 3 – Pewa – Hinang Gompa

27.5km (+ 2130m / -780m Elv.)

Day 7

Friday, Nov 17th

Stage 4 – Hinang to Samagaon

24km (+ 1550m / -1180m Elv.)

Day 8

Saturday, Nov 18th

Stage 5 – Samagaun ~ Manaslu Base Camp ~ Samagaun

12.7km (+ 1310m / -1310m Elv.)

Day 9

Sunday, Nov 19th

Stage 6 – Samagaon to Samdo

7.9km (+ 530m / -310m Elv.)

Day 10

Monday, Nov 20th

Day 10 – Rest/Walking – Samdo – Tibetan Border – Samdo

20km (+ 1200m /-1200m Elv.)

Day 11

Tuesday, Nov 21st

Hike / run Samdo to Bimtang

22km (+ 1490m / -1594m  Elv.)

Day 12

Wednesday, Nov 22nd

Stage 7 – Bimtang to Dharapani

22.86km (+ 630m / -2410m  Elv.)

Day 13

Thursday, Nov 23rd

 Return to Kathmandu (Drive)

( -2410m Elv.)

Day 14

Friday, Nov 24th

Kathmandu departure